Clark Land Surveyors – Nelson – Results.



Well – who didn’t see that coming…… Phil Atwill takes the win from Wyn in Nelson.

Who could describe the event better than –  SPOKE magazine – so if you haven cast your eyes over the article yet, read on.

I haven’t received the full results as yet, but i will post them up as soon as i do !

See you in Christchurch !



Yes- South Island here we come:

The DHCoNZ Tour of NZ is heading south to the beautiful and sunny Nelson.

Fringed Hill is the place to be this coming Saturday as Round 4 kicks off the famous Nelson MTB Club Top Gun Bike Festival weekend.

No doubt some of those South Island guru’s will be wanting to show the North Islander’s hows it done on steep long rocky course’s.

Check out the following links for more details :

The race information page including the link to enter can be found on our club website here:

Or the event can be found under the NMTBC facebook events page here:

The direct link to our event registration site is here:



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