Clark Land Surveyors – Series Final – Dunedin – DHcoNZ



Well.. the fat lady has sang and that brings the end of the ‘stand in’ series that leads into New Zealand National Champs this coming weekend.

The DHcoNZ put this series on purely to fill a gap and give the DH riders of New Zealand an opportunity to race, and a lead in to get up to pace for National’s, Oceania’s and (for a few) World Cup racing.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Jeff Irving from Clark Land Surveyors who  – without hesitation – sponsored the overall series.  Another huge Hi-5 to those who sponsored each round – and the clubs who put the races on…… and fund the Top 5 Fastest cash prizes.  To all – thank you and well done.

The DHcoNZ are happy to work with MTBNZ in planning forward for a sanctioned series in 2018.

Its pretty unusual to a have 6 different winners of a 6 race race series, especially on home soil.  The usual names of Brook MacDonald and Wyn Master had a young gun join them when Keegan Wright stole the show at the Bulldogs home track.

Nor did anyone predict the UK invasion which place Phi Atwill take a gold, followed by Bernard KERR and the brand new turf (powder) in Christchurch.  And thanks to George Brannigan  – the Kiwi’s struck one back in Dunners.  The only kiwi amongst 4 other British riders on the podium.  Hopefully the poms stick around for National Champs and CrankworX.

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Clark Land Surveyors  – DHcoNZ – Overall RESULTS:


Good luck to all the rider’s for Wanaka – hopefully the fog and drizzle will stay away for some tire ripping action.  Hope to see you all there – or at CrankworX !

Cheers FaTmAn.



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