Clarkes Land Surveyors Ltd – DHCoNZ Round 3 – N.I.Final.

North Island  Final  – Round 3 is at the infamous DOME VALLEY north of Auckland proudly hosted by the ever reliable AKDH Club.            21st January 2017

This round’s is financially sponsored by NZDH – New Zealand Downhill.

NZDH is the collective consortium of the North Island affiliated DH clubs combined under 1 umbrella.

NZDH was set up in 2011 to achieve consistency around downhill events with format, safety and operation stuff.  This then led to to desire to develop, and provide opportunities for ANY riders wanting to have a crack, compete or excel at downhill.

NZDH introduced the 1 day format to help clubs put on races, share logistics and provide additional volunteers to facilitate well run streamlined events.

We’ve been doing our thing since 2011 – and lets be honest – “The force is Strong”.

But wait’ – there’s more……….

Chris Harris from Revolution Products has generously donated a set of …………….onyx-black

downhill racing hubs for a lucky spot prize winner at the event.  Only riders who have entered into all 3 North Islands will go in the hat to win the $1500 hubs.


For information about this event, please copy and paste the following link:

Please read associated comments from the AKDH President re fire restrictions – its pretty  darn hot in the Valley of Domes on a dull day – so bring your speedo’s and sun cream !








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