Clark Land Surveyors Ltd – Round 1 – 440 Gravity Park    

Round 1 Results – click below


With round 1 being yesterdays news we would like to acknowledge the work put in by Byron Scott and his crew at 440 bike park for a fantastic venue, and also Round 1 sponsor, Banshee BikesNZ for generously sponsoring this round = awesome stuff guys.

As some of you may have noticed – the event ran to a different format than advertised in that it was timed to select the riders fastest run out of the 2 runs.  This was due to an unforeseen timing program set up.  However, the results obtained are the results we will stand with – we apologize to anyone it would affect if timed as advertised.

For the remaining 5 rounds – we will have the timing program fixed and run a seeding run, and a single race run.

We also re-affirm that the $500 club donated prize $$$$ will go to the top 5 fastest riders of the day regardless of category.

Just a note on safety – all events will run in accordance with the MTBNZ Protection Policy – so all you young scallywags that didn’t wear the right protection, wear it from now on, or, be prepared to spectate !

Get ready for tomorrows news on Round 2 at the famous Eskdale Forest, in Napier.


Saturday 7th January 2017

#letsgoracing – We’re stoked to announce Banshee Bikes NZ are sponsoring the upcoming DHCoNZ National Tour beginning this weekend.

Banshee is lead sponsor for the first round at Fourforty Mountain Bike Park. Providing prize money for the fastest Pro Men and Pro Women on the day. #racingforcoin

Pro Men                                                             Pro Women
1st – $350                                                          1st $200
2nd – $200                                                       2nd $100
3rd – $100                                                         3rd $ 50

January 7th – 440 MTB Park, Auckland.

The format is the same for every round:

$60 entry fee
0800 rego
0900 practice
1300 practice ends
1400 or sooner – seeding
1530 Race
1700 prize giving/results etc.

Full dates:

January 7th – 440 MTB Park, Auckland
January 14th – Napier
January 21st – Dome Valley, Auckland
January 28th – Nelson
February 11th – Christchurch Adventure Park
February 18th – Dunedin

Overall series winner is taken from your 4 best results.

Who………. will be taking the CROWN ?


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