NZDH 5 – Results – Overall & wrap up.


2017 NZDH DomeValley

2017 NZDH Overall

Well…. the fat lady has sung and brung a close to the 2017 NZDH season.

Without a doubt, this has been the most popular season with a record amount of entries at each round, the sport is getting bigger and better.  We have also seen a big influx of new riders (young and old) throwing down their best efforts which also indicates that were in good hands of keeping things growing.

Dome Valley went off with a bang and the AKDH doing a magnifico job in track preparation and on the day organisation.  We even crack 106 riders for this round, and as said, a record !  For the 1st time in NZDH history, we had no significant injuries on a fast dusty steep track – awesome.

This was a test for all riders as with a short steep track, fatigue and pedaling were minimal.  Some of the top riders also were pushed to finish line – Cole Lucas keeping Louis Hamilton on his toe’s in the pro field – both guy had 1st and 2nd fastest times of the day, with Louis taking it by a second.


The under 19’s were also on fire with Josh Oxenham, Liam Bethell and Charlie Makea also putting pressure on the big boys, recording the 3rd 4th and 5th fastest times of the day !

The stand out result in the under 15’s from James Macdermid – Guy Johnston hasnt lost race all season, just to pipped to the post by 0.1 of a second by James – well done son !! and well done Guy.

The under 17’s was led by Blake Ross – he, along with Finn Parsons have had stand out seasons and it will be interesting to see how they go in 1st year under 17s at Nationals.  It is also important to mention 3rd place getter Tuhoto-Ariki Pene, who i’m sure was racing in memory of his brother, Ihakara, who so tragically passed recently – “Finish the race” – words said his father ‘Slim’ Pene.  Respect to the Pene Whanua who were there to cheer Tuhoto down the course.

Over 50’s Gordon Stillwell was in a class of his own (literally) – however he still has the eye of tiger and pushed himself to 1st place and a decent time.

The 40+ fellas have had a ball of a time this season – they are quite a tight bunch who are there to enjoy themselves – however once the goggles are on – its business time. Dean Raven came from outta no-where to take the win on the day.

The open men also had to perform, as one of those special fella’s Mathew Hunt turned up on a hardtail & came 5th and came in his pyjamas (private joke).  Young Carson De’Generes Raynor pipped Matt Cable for the top spot.

The girls – well  – Vinny Armstrong hasn’t ridden any better with 5 from 5.  Same for under 19 Shania Rawson 5 from 5 – look out ladies she is in pro-elite in the new year.

What a fantastic season and to those that took away overall series trophies -well done.

To all who have helped in any way to put the season and events together – THANK YOU.  If we dont have good helpers and volunteers – we have nothing !.

Hoping the you all have a safe and festive Christmas and New Years !

The FaTmAn !





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